Shoe Inn Systems for Industries

Hospitals are generally thought to be clean and sterile. But how sterile is a hospital really when it comes to visitors? We all know that doctors and nurses and the staff have to follow strict standards of cleanliness and sterilization to minimize potential spread of infections. However, most hospitals do not require visitors to take any action for cleanliness and sterilization. Think about all th... Read More

Biotechnology is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Biotech experts are producing solutions for the pharmaceutical, genetic therapy, healthcare and agriculture industries. Their research is extremely important and biotechnology engineers spend the majority of their work time in laboratories and research facilities. They are preparing chemicals on a daily basis, and cultivating mic... Read More

Do you work in a laboratory in a school, university, pharmaceutical or biotech industry, for the government or in a military lab? Then you must be familiar with disposable shoe covers that you are required to wear every day. You know that putting them on manually is such a hassle! Don’t you wish there was a solution to the lengthy process of getting the shoe covers, balancing on one leg to p... Read More

No matter if you work in a factory manufacturing car parts or clothes, chances are you need to protect your shoes or prevent outside contamination from entering the facility. Many factories require employees to put shoe covers on when entering the manufacturing area or when entering the office area from a dirty manufacturing area. Automatic shoe cover dispensers can save you time and money and you... Read More

You probably cannot imagine surgeons without all of their protective gear. They need scrubs, protective head covers, gloves, shoe covers and eye barrier protection. All these sanitary precautions exist for two reasons: 1) to keep the environment sterile and protect patients from different sources of contamination and 2) to protect the surgeon from the same thing.... Read More

Pharmaceutical manufacturers surely know the importance of maintaining a sanitary work environment. A high level of contamination control should be practiced in every aspect of the pharmaceutical industry and potential sources of contamination should be eliminated through appropriate practices and procedures. One of them is wearing protective shoe covers that will prevent contaminants on your shoe... Read More

If you work with food, you know how important it is to adhere to strict sanitary and hygienic standards. You must wear protective gear and take extra precaution to ensure the food you are handling will not get contaminated. Shoe covers for the food industry are used in food processing and manufacturing plants, in restaurants, and in any other areas where employees handle food, such as hospitals, s... Read More