Shoe Inn Case Studies

Shoe Inn Dispenser System Implemented as a Result of Employee Accident and to Save Time and Money

Shoe Inn was contacted by a large, international medical device manufacturing company after one of their employees lost her balance while sitting on a gowning bench and putting her shoe covers on, fell, and broke her arm. Due to the size of the customer, we flew to their location to learn more about their particular needs and facilitate an extended product demonstration and evaluation.

With thousands of cleanroom employees spread over multiple shifts, one of the primary decision criteria was the ability of the Shoe Inn automatic shoe cover dispensing system to process that many people efficiently and effectively in order to maintain or improve productivity. During simulated testing and monitoring carried out by people that had never used the dispensers before, the Shoe Inn system passed with flying colors.

After the decision was made to move forward, the company immediately expanded one of their large gowning rooms to accommodate six Shoe Inn Stay dispensers (see accompanying photo), and also installed two Shoe Inn Stay dispensers in a gowning room tied to a smaller cleaning room.  The gowning protocol was amended to include transitioning from the dirty to the clean part of the room (as signified in the photo by the gray and white flooring, respectively) using the dispensers in their standard operating procedures.

The company has been successfully using the time and cost saving Shoe Inn shoe cover dispensing system for over two years and is very satisfied with the solution.

Price: $375.00
Sale Price: $299.00
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The Shoe Inn Fusion automatic shoe cover dispenser is perfect for medium-volume usage. This stainless steel and ABS plastic machine, which holds up to 110 disposable shoe covers in one bundle, is quickly loaded in bulk, which makes it easy to maintain. It is non-electric, so it can be easily deployed at any location suitable to meet your needs. This dispenser is ideal for use in a variety of environments, such as a healthcare or medical facility, a cleanroom or laboratory, a food processing or manufacturing plant, or anywhere you need a shoe cover dispenser. You'll definitely benefit from the ... Read More