Shoe Inn FAQs

Absolutely! Both models are easy to load and use, especially after doing it a few times. Take a look at the various loading and usage videos on our videos page to see how fast and easy it is. We also have loading and usage instructions that can be downloaded and printed here. Of course, you can also call us toll-free at (877) 595-SHOE or e-mail us at, if you have any further... Read More

Definitely. Using our dispensers eliminates leaning against a wall or trying to balance on one leg while putting a shoe cover on the other foot, thereby avoiding possible falls, injuries and the potential worker’s compensation claims that could result. In fact, prior to implementing our system, some customers have even had employees injure themselves while sitting on a gowning bench and putt... Read More

No doubt. Because it is at least four times faster to put shoe covers on with our dispensers, at least four people can get booted up in the same amount of time it takes for a single person to put shoe covers on manually (see our Why Shoe Inn? video on the videos page). The faster that employees are able to boot up, the faster they can move to being productive.... Read More

While our shoe covers may cost more than your regular shoe covers, our customers have found that the increased efficiency, productivity, and reduction in potential worker’s compensation claims more than offset the nominal difference.... Read More

Yes. Gowning benches take up valuable space, whereas our dispensers take up only a fraction of that space. Much less space is needed for a dispenser or multiple dispensers to process an equivalent amount of people, so our dispensers do indeed save space.... Read More

No--our automatic shoe cover dispensers do not require electricity, which allows you the ability to place your dispensers wherever you need them. This also allows you to use your valuable space in the most efficient way possible.... Read More

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