Quick & Easy

The Shoe Inn automatic shoe cover dispensing system dramatically reduces the time it takes to put shoe covers on and is very simple and easy to use. No more waiting for a seat on the bench, bending down, or balancing on one leg. Our system puts them on automatically, without using any electricity. The Shoe Inn system makes putting shoe covers on faster, easier, and safer, which ultimately increases your company's productivity and reduces costs.

Clean Workplace

Shoe Inn dispensers are the most innovative and cost effective solution for cleanliness in environments that need to meet high standards like ISO 14644-1, GMP, and HACCP. By making it so much easier to put shoe covers on, our system increases employee and visitor compliance with gowning protocols, thereby facilitating a cleaner, more sanitary environment and helping to prevent contamination.

Safer Working Environment

The Shoe Inn system reduces worker's comp injuries and claims. Since the dispensing process is ergonomically-friendly, and since employees and visitors no longer will choose to bend over or try to balance on one leg while putting shoe covers on, the potential for a variety of injuries is all but eliminated.


Price: $375.00
Sale Price: $299.00
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The Shoe Inn Fusion automatic shoe cover dispenser is perfect for medium-volume usage. This stainless steel and ABS plastic machine, which holds up to 110 disposable shoe covers in one bundle, is quickly loaded in bulk, which makes it easy to maintain. It is non-electric, so it can be easily deployed at any location suitable to meet your needs. This dispenser is ideal for use in a variety of environments, such as a healthcare or medical facility, a cleanroom or laboratory, a food processing or manufacturing plant, or anywhere you need a shoe cover dispenser. You'll definitely benefit from the ... Read More

This brief introduction explains the use of the Shoe Inn Fusion shoe cover dispenser. This machine can save your company or organization time and money. We have many varieties of shoe covers to choose from--plastic, fabric, heavy-duty, and waterproof/traction shoe covers. ..more..

Have you ever considered what is on the bottom of your shoes? Besides things you can see, such as grease, oil, gum, mud, leaves, feces, etc., there are the countless things you cannot see, like germs, bacteria, mold, and viruses. All of these things walk with us everywhere we go, from the house to the car to the parking lot to the building to the lab or production area to the bathroom to the dining area and back again. How many other places do we go, like gas stations and public parks, picking up things on our shoes all along the way and transporting them where they are unwelcome? As a result, .. read more

Shoe Inn was contacted by a large, international medical device manufacturing company after one of their employees lost her balance while sitting on a gowning bench and putting her shoe covers on, fell, and broke her arm. Due to the size of the customer, we flew to their location to learn more about their particular needs and facilitate an extended product demonstration and evaluation. With thousands of cleanroom employees spread over multiple shifts, one of the primary decision criteria was the ability of the Shoe Inn automatic shoe cover dispensing system to process that many people efficien ..more..

5 Stars
I have used product for over a year now and am extremely impressed with the waterproof soles and durability, you can wear this product for the entire day with little or no breakdown in the fabric. The traction is excellent on waxed floors compared to other products. I use approximately 21,000 shoe covers per month and the savings compared to other like products are immeasurable. - Dwayne Barron, Equipment Team Lead from Flint Infrastructure more
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